SEPT. 26, 2014 - ERIC SHIRK

Miles Mountain MX: GTDT Ride Day

I don't want to pick favorites, but Tuesday at Miles Mountain just might have been the most incredible ride day we've done on the trip thus far. For starters, over 100 riders arrived to tear it up. It was pretty awesome hearing all of the stories about how each rider finagled their way out of work, school, or other appointments just to come shred with us. On top of this the track is amazing, so that made our job fairly easy. Add in some FMX, great weather, and some of the most grateful people you'll every meet, and you have yourself an awesome day of dirtscoot ridin'! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves on Tuesday and we hope to see you soon. For now though, chec kout the photos of yesterdays shred fest at Miles Mountain MX!

(Also, big thanks for Jacquie Shortino for contributing some of her photos of the ride day as well. Great job and we appreciate it!)

Eric Shirk Jacquie Shortino