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    Updates From The Road

    APRIL 29 - 7PM
    Eric Shirk

    It’s been non-stop since our last update. With the NJMP Field of Dreams ride day, the Crow Hill MX ride day, the War Machines Film Premiere in Worcester, Massachusetts, the Crow Hill JDay Off Road Series race, the Sick Bros MX ride day, and our most recent Miles Mountain MX ride day, it’s been a busy Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour this past week. As you may know, we’re on our way out to Michigan right now for our #GTDT ride day at Martin MX. So far this tour is going incredibly well, and everyone's been enjoying themselves. But for right now, we’ve gotta get back to driving. So, we'll see you soon!

    APRIL 23 - 7AM
    Wes Williams

    After a gnarly drive from Field of Dreams in New Jersey, which included multiple hours of midnight traffic jams in NYC, we arrived bright and early to Crow Hill MX this morning around 5am.  I can't thank Brandon Bolling enough for taking command of the wheel yesterday... you're the man.

    Today we're having practice here at Crow Hill MX from 1pm - Dark, and tomorrow we're showing War Machines on the big screen (twice!) at the Showcase Cinemas North in Worcester, MA.  One showing is at 7:30 with another a 9:00.  Come to the 9:00 showing if you'd like to come to the after party!   You can purchase tickets HERE.

    APRIL 20 - 7AM
    Eric Shirk

    Hey ya’ll! It’s Eric Shirk, or @shirkyyy for all of you that want to follow me up on that there Instagram doohickey. Being that the last time you heard from us was when Aubrey (@aubs623) checked in with you three days ago, allow me to break down the past three days of the trip for you through my eyes!

    Alright, so South of the Border went great. We cranked up the morning with a dark sky paradise, and the initial burden of what we thought was going to be an incredibly rainy (and muddy) day of dirt bike riding. However, when the sky cleared and the overcast weather made its way back to where it came from, we were left with a beautiful day of dirt bike shreddage. Did I have to throw on the old mud boots out there on the course in the morning? Sure I did. But hey, it’s all about commitment, and we definitely were committed to making things work at SOB!

    Photo: Armored Graphix Inc.

    Once all of the fiestas were over at South of the Border, it was time to head over to Club MX for yet again another ride day. It had been a while since we made our way to Club MX, so we were most definitely greeted with open arms. From our point of view it’s always good to have everyone at the track stoked on the fact that we're out there shooting, because they’ll throw down twice as hard for the camera: and that’s exactly what happened! 

    Yesterday, we held our final ride day of the weekend over at Elizabeth City MX. Once again, this was another great day of shredding, shooting, and meeting new people. We were super glad to be able to give out so many awesome prizes throughout the day to such a great group of people!

    So, to wrap this up — the past three days have been full of good people, good vibes, and big whips. But hey, I’ve got to go, because last night we decided to take it up to Virginia Beach and spend our off day soaking up the rays. So, it’s time to hit the sand! Talk to you soon!

    APRIL 17 - 8PM
    Aubrey Schoeneman

    Hi, my name is Aubrey, otherwise known as ‘aubs623’ or ‘that girl on vurbmoto's instagram’… Yep, that’s me!  I am 21 years old, from Nampa, ID.  I just moved out of an apartment in Murrieta, California and am currently homeless.  Well, unless you consider a motorhome a “home” then technically I’m not homeless, but that’s how I got where I am today.

    Now that you know who I am, let's rewind to about two months ago.  Sitting at a desk watching Wes edit War Machines, I was contemplating what I should do after my apartment lease was up in April.  That’s when Wes suggested I come on the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour (#GTDT) / War Machines Premiere Tour and run the merchandise booth; without hesitation I said yes. 

    Now, fast forward to April 4th - the start of the tour at Echeconnee MX.  It was such a great weekend full of, well, good times and dirtbikes.  We had a pretty good turn out and everyone who stayed all weekend was lucky enough to be some of the first people to watch War Machines.  However, not without difficulty.  Who knew you actually needed the remote to a blu-ray player for it to work?!  Long story short, everyone was ready to watch the movie and without a remote, the movie would not play.  So, despite the few mishaps (that an hour round trip to Walmart fixed), we came back WITH a remote and everyone loved the movie and had a great time.

    After leaving Georgia, we drove to Drew T’s house in Spring Hill, Florida.  Wes filmed with the Jones Bros and JLaw (who is quite a character) and we were able to go to Florida Tracks and Trails.  No words come remotely close to describing how unreal that whole place is.  But guys, if you have a girlfriend, there is a man made beach there right next to the track that your girl can hang out at while you ride… just saying!

    From Florida Tracks and Trails we made our way to WW Ranch, which is one of the prettiest tracks I’ve ever been to.  The track owners were incredibly nice and it was overall a great turn out.  We ended up staying at an RV Park right next to the beach, which allowed me to finally touch the Atlantic Ocean for the first time ever.

    We have now made our way up to South of the Boarder and finished the ride day.  When we got off the exit and drove up to check in, I felt like I was in a cartoon.  Between the massive sombreros, amusement rides and life size characters, it’s almost like a fantasy town.  Since it was Wes’ birthday yesterday, we were able to relax a little during the day and hang out with friends last night.

    Now that you're caught up on (almost) everything that has happened thus far, help US keep up with YOU by hashtaging #GTDT on your instagram pictures.  

    Club MX is tomorrow, hope to see everyone there!

    APRIL 15 - 11AM
    Wes Williams

    After an amazing weekend between Bostwick MX and WW Ranch, where we had the very first copies of FMF War Machines, the crew and I headed North on I-95 to Hamer, South Carolina to this little retreat known as South of the Border.  Originally we had a ride day planned for tomorrow, Thursday the 16th - also coincidentally my birthday - but it's looking like mother nature is going to give us a pouring tonight.  But it's okay though; the tracks are in dire need of some moisture and Ryan here at SOB says the track will be absolutely money come Friday. 

    Every Practice Entry Receives a Copy of FMF War Machines!

    He's going to bust out the Steam Roller tonight, and at 26,000 lbs it apparently packs the track down so hard the water runs right off of it.  Needless to say, Friday should be incredible here at South of the Border.  And then off to Club MX for Saturday and Elizabeth City for Sunday!

    APRIL 5 - 5PM
    Wes Williams

    Wow, that was one whirlwind of a weekend.  Getting a tour kicked off, running an event, and showing a movie all in the course of 24 hours is quite overwhelming.  BUT we did it, and while there might’ve been a few hiccups, we conquered and came out victorious.  Plus, I rode approximately 8.7 laps around my favorite track ever on my trusty YZ125… honestly couldn’t have been a more fun weekend.  That’s what it’s all about though, right?  Fun.  It is for me.  Good Times and Dirtbikes.  I can’t thank everyone enough for coming to support the opening weekend of FMF War Machines and the kickoff of the 2015 Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour. 

    We’ll have blogs, photo galleries, and videos coming throughout the week.  If you happen to miss anything, all the tour content will live right here on this page as well.  Yep, look to your left.  You’ll find the tour schedule (with many stops awaiting confirmation) and loads of awesome content that you should click on, just because that’s fun, too!

    MARCH 26 - 9PM
    Wes Williams

    I want to thank everyone involved so far for the help and desire to get us to the right tracks... at the right time.  As everyone knows, there's so much going on during these early months of the year between LLQs, local races, and existing events.  We are trying our best to work around dates and locations that won't complicate any matters in the surrounding areas.  That being said, we are still dialing in dates and tracks constantly, so please continue to check back to make sure the track/date for your area hasn't changed!

    Can't wait for the FMF War Machines Premiere Tour to kick off next weekend at Echeconnee!!

    P.S.  Completely unofficial stop of the "tour" - but because you're reading this you're in the know - I'm headed to Paradise MX Park in Georgia this weekend with Nick Batten and Drew Torrance (two featured riders in War Machines) along with Max Tannenbaum, and we'll be filming the first episode of our new series.  Come on out and join us!!

    MARCH 13 - 4PM
    Wes Williams

    Want to suggest a track for the tour (that you can read about below), even if it's your own?  Or maybe you have a question about the tour and how to get involved? Email 

    MARCH 12 - 6PM
    Wes Williams

    Hey guys!  Thanks for coming to check out details of the upcoming FMF War Machines Premiere Tour - The first leg of the 2015 Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour.  We have all kinds of amazing tracks we are working on to come visit; starting in Georgia, heading south to Florida, up to Boston, then headed west towards California, stopping at new states and new tracks we've never visited before. 

    All dates that are set in stone are shown on this page, and we'll constantly be adding more as tracks confirm our stops.  Check back regularly to see if maybe we're coming to your favorite hometown shred spot!

    The coolest part of all?  The JBR Riders, who have a few of the coolest segments in the film, will be touring with us on the roadtrip.  We'll be building videos, photo galleries, gopros, and more from each and every stop of the FMF War Machines Premiere Tour. 

    Most ride days will cost $50, which will include your practice fee, a copy of FMF War Machines, and 10$ off any vurbmoto merchandise we have on site.  That $10 can get you a free copy of META, or a vurbmoto hat/t-shirt for 50% off.  Oh yea, the handlefull of stickers you'll get to take are on the house!

    War Machines Producer / Vurbmoto film maker @Vurbwes and Editor / Photographer Extraordinaire @Shirkyyy will be trackside at every stop ready to make sure you make it on vurbmoto.  Can't wait to see and meet everyone along this tour!