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    MAY 2 - 6PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    Last August, I proposed a really vague idea to Wes. I had no specific plans, I was just throwing out the idea - put me on the road. I wanted to be part of the amateur scene and spend more time in the motor home that in my own bed, have more track days than “off” days, something I have always heard Wes talk about doing, and something I wanted to experience for myself. 

    Wesley’s response:

    If you're curious.. this is what he was talking about.

    I didn’t really think I’d hear much about it after that. But in traditional Wes fashion, the gears were already turning and in January I was told to be ready to pack my bags. As Wes and I went over my 10 week schedule which included Millcreek, Daytona, Freestone, and the four weeks on the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour, he reminded me quite a few times, “this is what you asked for.” But what I got to experience was way more than I could have ever expected.

    I was away from my "full time" home out in California from February 13th to April 28th. That’s 10 weeks and 4 days (hey, that’s a Pak X Emh song..). In those 74 days, I was never in the same place for more than 4 days at a time, and even that was rare. I went to Dallas, Atlanta, Daytona and all the amateur nationals excluding Oak Hill, and that was only the first half of my trip. On March 28th, Jason Crane, Kaity Butterfield and I loaded up Mighty Whitey and set out for the first leg of the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour.

    In that time, I just expected to make some galleries, interview some riders and get to see a different side of the sport. What I got was a brand new outlook on the sport, and a refreshed sense of purpose at my job.

    I spent a lot of time with families like the Rippers, who are a great example of how to keep a level head in motocross. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of going pro, focusing on one goal and creating a life around it. Riley and his family have made the decision to keep Riley in school, and he is as well rounded as they get. He has a bright future ahead of him regardless of if he chooses to go pro, or go to college. Heck, the kid could do both. I was moved by the support system around him - friends, and riders both pro and amateur are part of this Montgomery, Texas moto family.

    Then there was Kiana Clay. Sometimes when you are just bogging in life in general, someone like Kiana comes along. I wasn’t necessarily feeling down, but I didn’t have the best attitude the weekend I saw Kiana at Three Palms. Suffering a paralyzing injury can take a toll on anyone’s attitude, but Kiana’s positive energy and faith radiated when I spoke with her and I truly feel inspired by her. She also reminded me that everyone has a story - how they started, why they quit, why they are making a comeback, or how the sport has impacted their life. I’m lucky to have met her when I did, that weekend changed my outlook on most of the trip.

    Fast forward a couple of weeks to our time at the Masterpool’s. I never knew Jesse, but his spirit is very much alive at His 956 Facility. Jake, Ty, Jerry and Tara light up when they speak about Jesse. They told me so many stories about him and shared photographs of all the boys when they were young, some of which were so awesomely embarrassing that they made Jake blush.

    My talks with Tara and Jerry that weekend are ones that I will never forget. We talked about the future of motocross and instead of dwelling on the things we don’t like about the sport, we talked about how to change them. Through their heartbreak, they have found a beautiful purpose in the sport, and I know they can achieve everything they have set out to do. Before we left, they gave us “Masterpool 956” stickers and wristbands. Right away I put one of the stickers on my laptop as a reminder when I’m working that what we do as a media company matters. And that goes beyond vurb and other outlets, it stands for everyone in the sport. Our actions impact more than just ourselves, they create a ripple effect throughout the entire mx community. Everyday we can make the choice to progress the sport in a positive way rather than get caught up in the mess that exists on a daily basis.

    The trip was more than snapping some photos, sure we had a blast along the way and brought exposure to kids who have never been on vurb and have never even been interviewed, but it was much bigger than that. It really made me stop and take a breath. It’s not about how many views or shares a gallery or blog gets, or how many likes we can get on Instagram, it’s about the people and making the sport fun. It's too easy to get caught up in everything else, and some days we just have to remind ourselves what is important.

    The Rippers, Kiana, and the Masterpools are just a handful of people who we met along the way that changed our attitudes without even knowing it. And this was only the beginning of the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour. We’ve got another one in the works, and the details will be announced as soon as the time and places are finalized. I want to give one more big thank you to everyone we met along the way, whether or not you housed us you were part of an amazing journey. See y’all at the track!

    APRIL 28 - 10AM
    Chelsea Stratso

    One month and 10 tracks later, the first leg of the Good Times and Dirtbikes tour is over... well the travel portion anyway. We still have a grip of content that will be released this week, including blogs, galleries, interviews, and video. I still have one more day of travel ahead of me before I'm finally in one place for more than just a few days at a time. Be on the lookout for the rest of our tour coverage, and the announcement for details on the next tour!

    APRIL 27 - 12PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    After a night of showers, we woke up to severe thunderstorms and had a delayed start on the day. Practice is getting ready to kick off for the mod classes, and we were finally able to get our merch booth set up. Be sure to come by and say hello on the final day of our tour!

    APRIL 26 - 8AM
    Chelsea Stratso

    Good morning from Ponca City, Oklahoma! These are the final days of the Texas leg of the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour and we are happy to be spending them here at the South Central LLAQ. I'll be out shooting photos all day while Crane grabs video, and as usual the wonderful Kaity has our merch tent set up by our rig with our full apparel line. And.. we've got a ton of stickers!!

    APRIL 25 - 9PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    Work Hard, Play Hard

    It’s sounds cliche, but these last couple of weeks have flown by. We’ve especially been busy this final week, as we’re trying to play as much as we work, which as you can imagine is a hard balance to find. Our departure from the Masterpool’s and His 956 Facility marked the end of our Texas stop on this leg of the tour and the beginning of our journey in Oklahoma. We were eager to get check out these OK tracks, and we found time to fit in plenty of fun.

    $0.05 short on this one

    Right across the Oklahoma boarder sits the wonderful Winstar, the biggest casino in the world. When I turned 18, weekend trips to the casino were pretty common and I lost more money there than I’d ever like to admit. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hit up the slots and I was out for redemption. Unfortunately lady luck was not on my side and I left empty handed. Another spur of the moment casino trip the next day would also prove to be unsuccessful.. but hey at least I got my gambling fill.

    We also got to take advantage of some downtime with the karting track at the Oklahoma Motorsports Complex before the night practice began. Jason, Kaity and I put in nearly an hour of laps and even raced the Marquier brothers for a bit. I don’t even have to tell you guys, of course I came out on top of the podium. For our last “day off” we finished up some work and jumped in the Rhino with Chris Marquier and headed down to the river by his house to go rip through the water and the dunes. It was a little sketchy in parts (ya know, like where the river is deep), but it was an awesome time!

    Now it’s time to go back to work! We just pulled into Ponca and we are ready for a good weekend of racing! This is the last chance to meet us and get your vurb apparel while we are in the area, so make sure you come by and say hi!

    APRIL 25 - 2PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    Next Stop - Ponca City LLAQ

    This weekend we will be ending the first leg of the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour roughly 600 miles from where we kicked off. We started with the Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier at Cycle Ranch in South Texas, and now we are headed to the LLAQ in Ponca City, Oklahoma to spend our last two days on the tour.

    We’ve had a blast at the ride days and practices over the last few weeks, but there’s nothing like a good ol’ dirtbike race. We’ll be there to get video, photos, and interviews with riders who are battling their way to Loretta’s.

    See y'all at the track!

    APRIL 24 - 6PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    We out here!

    The Oklahoma Motorsports Complex is treating us well already. After we ripped a few laps on the go karts with Chase Marquier, we headed to check out the track and it is looking prime for the night practice. Come by and say hello!!

    APRIL 23 - 1PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    Ay, who likes free stuff? Everyone! Who likes free Vurb shirts? Everyone!!

    It is the last week of the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour, and we are still giving away free vurb t’s to random users who are tagging their Instagram photos with #GTDT. The best part about it... you don’t even have to be at a stop to enter or win!

    Anyone, anywhere can enter. Just upload and tag. On your bike, in your vurb gear, on the way to the track, the more creative the better! Check out some of the photos that are on the feed right now:

    APRIL 23 - 12PM
    Kaity Butterfield

    We're on the move again! Tomorrow we are headed to the Oklahoma Motorsport Complex in Norman for the organized night practice starting at 6pm. We are really looking forward to visiting this track, not only for the night practice, but also for everything else that is offered at the complex, like go karts! Although practice doesn't start until 6pm, we are planning an early arrival so we can hang out and have some fun before everything begins. We will have the full line of vurb apparel at our tent, so be sure to come by and check it out. And as always, tag your Instagrams with #GTDT for a chance to win some free vurb swag!

    Photo: Galen Kurth,

    As always, we hope to see you there! For track information and location you can visit their website:

    Keep up with our adventures at

    APRIL 22 - 12PM
    Kaity Butterfield

    Lions and tigers and....dirtbikes?
    Yesterday was long dreaded as we would be pulling away from a top notch facility, His 956 Facility. The Masterpools, as well as their friends and guests, welcomed us with open arms. This was not only where we had a successful work week, but also where we spent our Easter holiday and free time over the weekend. We felt so comfortable and so relaxed with the family that we even stayed a little longer than we had planned, and that was one of our best decisions we have made during this tour. No, the extra day did not result in additional footage but something so much more important. As I have said before, there is constantly work to be done. We have had so many good times during our travels, but nothing quite like the experience we had with the Masterpools. The track there changes everyday. Not just a corner or a jump, the entire track which is something we obviously have not seen yet. However, the best of the experience wasn't because of their one of a kind facility and consistently changing track. Our true experience came from simply speaking with the family. They have seen it all; they've been there and done that and it hasn't always been easy, but nothing has stopped them. It is so inspiring to meet people who always look for the good and for ways to improve other people's experiences.

    It was extremely hard to leave this family on Monday, but we left knowing we will return; we couldn't possibly stay away from them for long. Although the goodbyes were difficult, they had one last treat for the Vurb crew...TIGERS. We were lucky enough to squeeze in a quick stop at the Center for Animal Research and Education which is just six miles from the Masterpool's facility. But no need to worry! The 39 big cats were kept behind not one, but two fences with professionals on site at all times. We can't thank this incredible and loving family enough for all they did for us this weekend and all we got to experience. We will return!

    APRIL 20 - 5PM
    Kaity Butterfield

    On any (Easter) Sunday
    Let me start by saying happy Easter! We are spending our holiday at the Masterpool's and although we are not with our families, we couldn't be happier to be here. With the holiday and the questionable weather, the turn out was not quite what we saw yesterday. Although we may have been slightly lacking in numbers, there was no lack of energy! On and off the track, the riders with their families and friends enjoying the holiday.


    Not only did the Masterpool's create a one of a kind track for the day, they also had a piñata for the kids and the kids told us that the Easter bunny stopped to see the track and hide some eggs! We had such a great Easter Sunday with a great family and an incredible group of people. We have been blessed yet again! Thank you guys for an awesome weekend!

    APRIL 19 - 6PM
    Kaity Butterfield

    We arrived at Masterpool's late last night to be greeted by our kind neighbors. Needless to say, that really pumped us up for the weekend! The track here is not only freshly groomed, but entirely different; something no one has seen here before. And just like today brought a new track for everyone, tomorrow will, too. As I type this, Jerry Masterpool is out reworking the track to bring us yet again a different set of sections and jumps. We can't thank him and his family enough for all the work they put into this weekend.

    Our first day here was a great success. The turn out was great and we met a ton of amazing people. Our crew will be at the track again tomorrow, Easter Sunday at 11 am, to film and photograph. We can't wait for another awesome day of riding and we hope to see you here!

    APRIL 18 - 8PM
    Kaity Butterfield

    On our tour, there is always work to be done. It can definitely be stressful at times but we always find a way to enjoy ourselves while we work. I think the three of us could agree that today was both productive and fun. Not only did we get all of our laundry done (finally), we also met up with Alex Morris and got some really great photos of him in our new shirts. The location was perfect with great scenery and, lucky for us, perfect lighting. We were able to spend most of our day taking in our surroundings, laughing, and having an awesome time. Although we were working, we really got a chance to relax and enjoy each other's company. I have never seen an area quite like the Stockyards; it is definitely a must see and I am so glad we had a chance to visit. And, of course, one huge thank you to Alex for meeting up with us!

    APRIL 18 - 9AM
    Chelsea Stratso

    The Good Times and Dirtbikes tour is gearing up to head to our own piece of “paradise” this weekend at the Masterpool’s in Paradise, Tx. We’re really excited to be spending the weekend at His 956 Facility and we look forward to seeing you out there!

    The Masterpool’s is such a unique place. Each day the track is different, and Jerry is catering to our video/photo needs by creating the perfect track for the riders that is also easier to photograph and film for Crane and myself. Now is your chance to be on vurb in the exclusive videos and galleries that will come out of the weekend! The track opens at 11 am.

    For more information,

    Keep up with our adventures and see if we are making a stop near you at

    APRIL 18 - 9AM
    Kaity Butterfield

    From point A to point B...and C, D, E, F, G.

    I never spent much time at the tracks before the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour. Beginning this trip, I was a bit nervous; I wasn't entirely sure what to expect other than riders on the track their bikes, obviously. Cycle Ranch was such an incredible place for us to start our tour and it really calmed my nerves and got me excited for what was to come. Each stop we have made has been such a great success. Whether there are two riders or fifty riders, I see people who are so excited to be at the track doing what they love, and THAT makes for a successful day. I was asked to join the tour to help sell Vurbmoto merchandise, but I'm not just out here selling shirts. I am out here meeting some of the most inspiring people and, in a sense, helping them. Don't get me wrong, I love helping Vurb make the money that is keeping us going, but the real reward has been speaking to the riders and their families and introducing them to Chelsea and Jason, the people who create our content (and so much more). I knew this would be a great opportunity for me, but I didn't know what I would get out of it.

    After three weeks on the road with this tour, I have made so many friends and heard so many encouraging stories, but most importantly I feel like I have helped people. I haven't played a huge part in helping these kids fulfill their dreams; I'm just the merch girl, but sometimes all we need is a small piece of advice, a smile, or an encouraging word. Each person I have met has also helped me in so many ways. Like I said, sometimes we just need an encouraging word or a smile; that is what I needed. So here is a big thanks to YOU for making my life feel a little fuller and a lot brighter. You all have inspired me so much and I cannot wait to hear more stories and shake many more hands!

    APRIL 17 - 3PM
    Kaity Butterfield

    April Showers
    It is definitely spring time in Texas! It feels like we have been fighting the rain through this trip, but it hasn't stopped us! Rain or shine, Chelsea and Jason are out on the track with their cameras in hand getting amazing footage. Despite the chilly, wet weather, River Valley is top notch and the turn out is better than expected. We hadn't necessarily planned on stopping at this track, but we are so thankful we did! Although conditions are anything but mint, the riders look amazing and our crew is getting some really great footage that will be posted soon!

    APRIL 16 - 8PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    Well... stuff happens. As you may have known, our original plan yesterday involved Buffalo Creek but turns out the track was closed for the day. Instead of turning around and making the 2 hour drive back to our current home base in Denton, I hit up my new friend Kiana Clay to see if she could point us in the direction of a different track in the area. Turns out she had a few friends riding at Willow Branch MX which was not too far from Canton. Since we were already close and ready to shoot, we pointed Mighty Whitey in the direction of the alternative track and we’re glad we gave the day a second chance.

    We’ve been pretty lucky this trip to have just about every plan work out. Things happen, plans change, but if you have a positive attitude you can make anything work out. We spent the afternoon hanging out with Caton Hill, Jaden Weisenberger, Shea Doherty and Conner Sanderson blasting berms and hitting jumps for the cameras. Check out some of the photos we got from the day, and be on the lookout for more content coming from the day at the track:

    To make up a bit for today, we decided to head back West and we’ll be at River Valley MX in Boyd for practice tomorrow. If you spot our rig or merch tent, come by and say hello!

    APRIL 16 - 5PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    Chelsea: Unfortunately, Buffalo Creek was closed today :( It threw off our plans a little bit, but thanks to some friends we were able to pull a fun day together at Willow Branch MX just south of Canton. (Be on the lookout for more content coming out from the day!)

    We tried to reschedule a practice day in the area for later in the week, but our efforts were unsuccessful. Instead, we are heading back West to River Valley MX for practice tomorrow. Gates open at noon.

    We will be on site for photos, video, and we will be selling our brand new apparel line (check it out at We’ll also be holding a raffle at the merch tent, every purchase you make will earn you an entry for a free t-shirt or beanie! The winner will be chosen at the end of the day. And as always, you can be entered to win free vurb swag by using our tag #GTDT on Instagram, we are randomly selecting winners throughout the tour! We love to see your photos, and awesome videos like this one:

    See you tomorrow!


    Read more about our journey and find out how you can be part of the Good Times and Dirtbikes tour at

    APRIL 16 - 12PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    Very rarely do we ever make mistakes... but mark us down for one today.

    We hope that you have learned at his point that Buffalo Creek is in fact closed today and we apologize to anyone who headed up there for the tour.  While we wait to reschedule a full practice day for tomorrow or Friday in the area, we are making a stop at Willow Branch MX. 

    It may be a "last minute" stop, but we're still going big: we have all of our apparel, and we'll be getting videos and photos for the site.  We hope you will come out and say hello, especially if you planned on going to Buffalo Creek.

    Stay tuned for more info regarding a full practice day to be scheduled this week.

    APRIL 15 - 10AM
    Chelsea Stratso

    Congrats to Beth Pearson, you are the winner of our #GTDT motorhome insta pic challenge, and you'll have your pick of free vurb apparel!

    Want a chance to win your own vurb t? Tag your photos #GTDT on Instagram, we'll be randomly selecting winners over the next couple of weeks!

    APRIL 14 - 7PM
    Kaity Butterfield

    Next stop: Buffalo Creek

    We are at it again. This Wednesday the Vurb crew will be set up at Buffalo Creek and we hope to see you there! And how could we ask for a better day with that forecast? The sun will be shining and the predicted high is 67 degrees; there couldn't be a better day for riding. Chelsea will be scouting riders for our next photo gallery on the site and Jason will be gathering footage of local riders for track and tour videos. The more riders we see, the more content we can produce, so make sure you are out there for your chance to be on the site! We will be taking photos of those who purchase merch at our tent, so whether you are on or off the track, you will have a chance to see yourself on Vurb. Did I mention you could win Vurb apparel? Tag your Instagrams #GTDT for a chance to win!

    We would also like to thank those of you who have been using our hashtag; we love seeing your photos! Keep following us online and please come see us when you can! We are out here to meet YOU!

    APRIL 14 - 2PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    Saturday marked the beginning of a new part of our journey. We’re officially in North Texas, enjoying what the other side of the lone start state has to offer. First on the list: Village Creek MX night race. The first round of the Texas Night Series was also my first ever night race. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I kept asking questions like, “does this thing go all night?!” and “exactly how dark will it get?” While most of the tracks we’ve gone to on the trip have had a laid back vibe, Saturday was a really different atmosphere than any race I’ve been to. Riders and families were just lookin’ for a fun time, and very rarely did I hear anyone mention results. It was the ‘Good Times’ vibe that we’ve been after and we even got to see some familiar names and faces that we’ve come across at earlier stops. The Pearsons, Kiana Clay, Jeremy Huddleston, and Tommy LeClere, just to name a few. It was a great way to kick off the last couple weeks as our adventure continues to head north. Be on the lookout for a gallery of the night’s action dropping tomorrow.

    A sign of the best food in Denton... possibly the world.

    Sunday meant one thing for me: heading to my adopted hometown of Denton. The last 24 hours have consisted of hipsters, a few drinks on Fry, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and of course a stop at Weldon’s Western Wear. For anyone who doesn’t know, vurb co-founder Clint Wilkinson’s grandfather owns the shop. Clint is a 6th generation cowboy, and he grew up watching his grandfather create and craft beautiful leather goods like saddles. He spent a lot of his life in the motocross world, but he has gone back to his roots to create his own line of handcrafted leather goods for his new company Bell and Oak. After seeing Instagram photos of his amazing work, we knew we had to stop by the shop to pick up our own unique pieces and it just so happened to be on the day that his online store officially launched. I got the Elm Wallet and Crane took home the iPhone Wallet. Check it out here:

    We’ll be “relaxing” for the next couple of days (aka staring at our computer screens to catch up on a variety of content!), and we’ll be hitting the tracks again on Wednesday for a practice day at Buffalo Creek in Canton. See ya there!


    Tag your photos #GTDT on Instagram for a chance to win a free vurb T! We'll be choosing a winner next Monday.

    APRIL 12 - 12PM
    Jason Crane

    "J-Daddy, you going to Village?"  This is the text I received from one of my old moto buddies Jeff Crutcher just a few nights ago.  While my nickname is by NO means J-Daddy, he was indeed correct about us attending the first round of the Texas Night Series at Village Creek.  Jeff along with the man himself, Charlie Bogard would be teaching a moto school throughout the day and although the race doesn't start until 6, I knew we had to be there.  Not only was this a chance for me to reconnect with one of my friends, it was also a great opportunity to expose some riders who are just starting out.

    Watching Charlie and Jeff teach these riders the importance of the circle drill and good form was a great reminder of all the things I didn't do as a rider. [#singledigitCclass] All in all we are very excited to be out here for a number of reasons and we look forward to seeing some action packed racing later tonight. 


    Some riding shots from @chelseastratso:

    APRIL 12 - 11AM
    Kaity Butterfield

    50% combined cotton, 100% fantastic

    The wait is finally over! The Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour crew has finally received the newest Vurb shirts and they are bagged and ready for you! Keep following us so you can stop by our tent. We love to meet our followers so stop by to say hello, pick up some free stickers, or purchase one of these rad new shirts! Remember, you guys are the ones making this tour possible. Thank you all so much for all the support..and the good times, of course! We look forward to meeting (and clothing) you!



    APRIL 11 - 9AM
    Chelsea Stratso

    It’s crazy to look at the date and think that we are nearing the halfway point of our trip. The past two weeks in the Houston/Austin area have been a blast, and it's bittersweet to be heading north.

    Yesterday Challen Tennant and his family opened up their private track for our cameras to serve as our last stop in South Texas. You may know Challen as the #71 B class ripper, and you probably saw his private track in Two Trill: The Houston MX Short Film by Nolan MacDonald. Photos don’t do the track justice. It is by far the biggest home track that I have ever seen and we got to see Challen, Riley Ripper, Andrew Pierce and more throw down, as well as witness Vann Martin’s first laps back on the bike. A gallery of all the action will be going up later this afternoon, be sure to check it out. We want to extend a big thank you to Challen and his family for letting us stop by.

    We’re sad to leave our friends here, but we are also so excited to head to North Texas. Not only do I get to spend a couple nights reliving my college nights on Fry Street in Denton, the North Texas locations also mean more public shoots and more time spent with you, the riders. Tonight we are heading to Ft. Worth so we can be at Village Creek bright and early to spend the day hanging out at the track before the night race begins. We’ll be on site with our rig and all new apparel which we will be posting photos of in the running blog this afternoon.  Get there early to hang out and be entered to win free vurb swag, click here to find out how!

    We hope to see you at our upcoming stops:

    Village Creek MX: April 12 - Saturday Night Race
    Buffalo Creek MX: April 16 - Practice Day
    His 956 Facility: April 19-20 - Vurb Ride Day
    I-35 MX Park: April 22 - Practice Day
    Oklahoma Motorsports Complex: April 24 - Practice Day
    Ponca City MX: April 26-27 - Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier

    APRIL 10 - 10AM
    Chelsea Stratso

    The weather is absolutely perfect here at the Tennant's. We're ready for the boys to start ripping! 

    APRIL 9 - 5PM
    Kaity Butterfield

    The Tennant's...finally!

    In the past week, Mother Nature has not made things easy on us. With rain, clouds, and some pretty hefty winds, our plans have been difficult to follow and not all of them have worked out. Needless to say, we were really looking forward to shooting with Andrew Short yesterday, but the rain from the night before unfortunately forced us to cancel. The past couple days haven't been what we planned for, but the skies have cleared and we are ready to get back to business. We are so looking forward to visiting the Tennant's track tomorrow to meet with Challan Tennant, Andrew Pierce, Riley Ripper, Wesley Stuart, and Vann Martin. We finally have the weather we need and lots of positive energy for tomorrow's shoot. We can't wait to see what these guys will bring to the table and to share the footage with all of you! Let's go to the track!

    APRIL 9 - 10AM
    Jason Crane

    Well, it seems as mother nature finally got the best of us.. but not really.  Last week we were presented with a schedule change that acutally worked out in our favor.  We would now be going to Andrew Short's family farm.  You may have seen this place in videos such as EPIC and MOTO 4

    Short Family Farm

    Although the purpose of this tour was to connect with the amateur scene and get back to the grassroots of motocross, we couldn't really pass up the oppertunity to go to Shortys.  To say I was excited would be an understatement.  Upon pulling in it was quite obvious that it was going to be a wet one.  Monday night graced us with a beautiful thunderstorm, and I say that because that's exactly what it was.  Unforunately rain and motocross don't seem to mix very well.  As we pulled down the driveway we were greeted by the man himself, Andrew Short.  His first words, " It's a little wet."  Ouch. This was exactly what we all did NOT want to hear. A couple hours of playing the waiting game turned into us having to pack up and hit the road.

    One thing I must say is we here at vurb are all in good spirits. The weather in Houston has been rather crappy since we got here, but has yet to actually cancel a shoot.  Considering that this shoot was a bonus to us we really didnt lose anything, other than my own personal pride of finally getting to shoot at the Short Family Farm.  Will we be back? Definitely.  When? Who knows, but I will get my chance to shoot there or I will die trying!!.. Okay not really, but still.  

    As I sit here at the Ripper's dining room table I can only look to the future. We still have at least eight more stops to make on this trip with the next being a private shoot at none other that Challen Tennant's private track, followed up by Village Creek. [which you can read about below]  Stay tuned in to and if you havent already watched our first #GTDT video give it a look and keep an eye out for the next one.  

    APRIL 8 - 5PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    Join the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour this Saturday at Village Creek MX for Round 1 of the 15th Annual FMF North Texas Night Series! The crew will be on site to grab photos, video, and we will be stocked with brand new vurb apparel!

    You’ll also have a chance to snag some free vurb swag while we’re there! Come by and take a photo by our motorhome, upload the photo to Instagram and tag #GTDT to be entered to win a free vurb shirt. Be creative!! The winner will be chosen on Sunday evening.

    Want to know what the tour is all about? Head to to read our ongoing blog, see the upcoming stops, and see all of the content from our trip so far including galleries, video, and interviews.


    For more information on the Night Series, go to 

    Saturday (April 12, 2014)

    2:00pm             Gate Opens
    2:30pm             Registration Opens
    Note:    (AMA Membership required)
    4:00pm             Practice (Organized)
    Upon Completion of Practice

    1. Riders Meeting (Over P.A.)

    Note: First 3 Classes Report to Staging.

    1. Opening Ceremonies
    2. Racing Begins

    Classes include (all classes are Mod unless Specified):

    • 50cc Limited A/C 4-8
    • 51cc Limited 4-6;
    • 51cc Limited 6-7
    • 51cc Limited 7-8;
    • 51cc Limited 4-8;
    • 65cc 7-9;
    • 65cc 10-11;
    • 65cc 7-11;
    • Beginner 65-85 7-11;
    • 85cc 9-11;
    • 85cc 9-13;
    • Beginner Mini Sr 12-16;
    • Mini Sr 12-15
    • Supermini 12-16
    • Girls Mini Sr
    • Womens 12+;
    • Schoolboy 12-16;
    • Collegeboy 16-24;
    • Beginner 125-250;
    • Beginner 250-450;
    • 250 C 12-16
    • 250 C 17+
    • 250 B;
    • 250 A;
    • 450 C;
    • 450 B;
    • 450 A;
    • Vet 25+ Amateur;
    • Vet 35+;
    • Vet 40+ C/D;
    • Vet 45+;
    • Vet A
    1. Points per Moto
    2. 2 Moto Format (Divisions if necessary)
    3. Top 20 in Each Class from Overall in Series will be seeded to SHOOTOUT.
    4. Must finish ONE moto at ONE round of series to be seeded at SHOOTOUT (No minimum rounds)
    5. 200% Payback: Pro Classes
    6. 100% Payback: Vet A Open
    7. Trophies 1st-5th at each round
    8. Awards 1st-5th for Each Overall Series
    9. No Trophies/Awards to Expert/Pro Classes
    10. Riders Must Compete in 4 of 5 Rounds for Overall Series Awards & Contingency
    11. Riders must be present at SHOOTOUT to receive awards & series contingency  


    • $10 Gate Passes/person (Under 6 Free) (Cash Only at the Gate)
    • $35 Online Entry Fee/class ($40 Post Entry)
    APRIL 8 - 11AM
    Chelsea Stratso

    We made a quick detour to check out Andrew Short's home track, and it has lived up to everything we have ever heard. Last night's storm left the track excessively muddy, so we're on a bit of a delay this morning. It's a good thing we have all the beautiful scenery to enjoy while we wait!


    APRIL 7 - 9PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    "From Cow Shows to Coyotes... Welcome to Texas"

    Our Sunday morning was a first for all of us. When I was growing up, going to the Denton County Fair was a yearly tradition for my friends and I but we never ventured over to the rodeo section. Our fair nights were more about risking our lives on the sketchy rides that were close to shaking to pieces. But this particular day was about seeing our buddy Riley Ripper trade in his riding boots for his cowboy boots to show his heffer, Moto. To be honest, Kaity, Jason, and I had no idea what was going during the show, but Riley did so well and took 4th in the class. We got to cruise around the "pits" and check out goats, pigs, rabbits, and even llamas.

    From there, we got to get back to our element out at Three Palms. Despite the constant drizzle, turn out was decent and we got to meet a lot of people, including Kiana Clay, a 19-year-old who rides with a paralyzed right arm. Be on the lookout for her story going up on the site tomorrow.

    A "quick stop" at the Ripper's turned into a couple of hours of peeling crawfish and hanging out with the crew, but we eventually had to make our way toward Red Rock. Even though we will be back at the Ripper's tomorrow night, we were bummed to leave our temporary home. A couple of hours (of me sleeping in the motor home) later, we arrived to Red Rock MX just outside of Austin. I consider myself pretty well transitioned into city life, so being out in the country in the pitch black of the night in an eerie silence nearly gave me nightmares. Just as we were getting to bed we heard a pack of coyotes that brought me back to my days of growing up in the country in Pilot Point, and the sound brought about some peace and I was finally able to fall asleep.

    Red Rock in the daylight was not at all what I had expected when we first pulled in on the extremely narrow dirt path in the dark. It is an extremely beautiful track, well kept by the owner, Matt. Once the sun came out, I had one word to describe it: "magestic." We spent the day shooting with San Antonio's Gabriel Jairala and that kid can rip! Be sure to check back for an article about the #111 on the site this week!

    APRIL 4 - 12PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    Yesterday at Bravo MX we held a raffle giveaway for anyone who bought some vurb apparel. Congrats to @jturbs122 for winning some swag! 

    Want to swin some vurb apparel? We have weekly contests rolling out for the duration of the tour, and most of the photo challanges can be played by anyone in the world! This weekend's contest will take place at Three Palms, click here to find out how you can win!

    Check out a few of our new buddies and raffle winner hopefuls from yesterday:

    APRIL 3 - 7AM
    Chelsea Stratso

    The Ripper compound... a “motocross oasis” as Crane calls it, is the perfect resting spot that is close to a number of Houston area tracks including Rio Bravo and Three Palms. Riley Ripper and his family have opened up their doors for us, as well as Jimmy Decotis and his mechanic, a number of Riley’s friends, and really anyone who shows up with an empty stomach. It is true Southern hospitality here and we can’t thank the Rippers enough for everything they have done for us. When you’re on the road a nice bed, shower, and great food is everything.

    Yesterday we got to shoot with Riley at a private track before heading to Three Palms where we finished up our shoot, while fellow houseguest Jim D put in some long motos to prep for Outdoors. The outcome - the Riley Ripper and Jimmy Decotis at Three Palms Gallery that will be live shortly on the site. Crane is also working on an edit featuring Ripper.. ripping.. as well as dominating every other aspect of his life: he’s in school full time and is on the Honor Roll, and he shows his cows as part of the FFA. In fact, we’ll get to see Riley show this Friday. Despite my Texas roots this will actually be the first time I’ll be seeing something like that, and we’re all pretty stoked to see this part of Riley.

    Crane photobombing

    After last night’s long day of shooting, we all sat down to eat and watch St. Louis SX. Some of us were watching it for the first time (yes, we’re a little late) and some were watching for a second or third. As I finished up the gallery, Riley and Parker Martin played guest photo editors and helped me narrow down my photo selection. It was awesome to hear their point of view, and I think they broke my fear of having anyone look over my shoulder while I work (a feat unheard of).

    After a good night sleep much needed for this early morning, we are loading up the RV and headed to Rio Bravo MX for the vurb practice day. It looks a bit overcast but we're hoping any rain holds off like it did yesterday. Be sure to come by the tent and say hello!

    APRIL 2 - 8PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    Reminder: We will be at Rio Bravo MX tomorrow! Crane will be holding it down for video while I shoot photos for a gallery, and Kaity will be on site with our apparel collection. Visit to see our t-shirts, beanies and hats that we will have out tomorrow. Come by, say hi, and have a chance to be on our website!

    APRIL 2 - 11AM
    Jason Crane

    Sitting at the Ripper's house waiting on our amazing host to finish up making what smells to be one of the better breakfasts we're going to have on this trip has got me thinking, "Wow, the incredible people we meet."  Looking back on the trip thus far, though it's only been a mere five days, I've already had the pleasure of meeting so many great people.  While at Cycle Ranch I was able to sit down and speak with a couple of up and coming local moto filmers Charlie Bakke and Trenton Thompson.  During our conversations I saw so much passion and drive for the sport that it has inspired me to write this post.  This tour is not just about the racers of our sport, it's about OUR SPORT.  As Kaity said below, this trip is about the motocross family as a whole. Whether it be the racer, mechanic, parents or videographer we are all one big family and it takes all of us to keep the wheels of the sport turning.  

    UPDATE:  I just finished Mary Ripper's breakfast and it was indeed amazing.  Thanks Mary!

    APRIL 1 - 10PM
    Wes Williams

    Coming to you straight from Spain, we are proud to announce that Rio Bravo MX in Houston, TX will open their gates for us, and the public, for a ride day this coming Thursday, April 3rd starting at 10am.  

    Vurbmoto's editor and photographer, Chelsea Stratso, along with video guru, Jason Crane, will be on site to grab photos for an exclusive look at Rio Bravo MX. Come out for a fun day of riding and a chance to be on the site as a part of vurb's Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour.  

    Be sure to hashtag moment from the roadtrip on instagram and twitter with a solid little #GTDT!

    The cost will be $30 for Non-Members and 20$ for Members.  Head over to for directions.

    APRIL 1 - 7PM
    Kaity Butterfield

    Texas: America's original big state

    A tour with Vurbmoto was not necessarily on my agenda as of a month ago, but I prefer to live a life with surprises and a change of plans was needed. Just a few days ago I was sitting by the pool in California. Today I am writing a blog from a hotel room in Tomball, Texas.

    Our journey began at Cycle Ranch in Floresville, Texas. I wasn't sure what to expect as I stepped out of our motor home, but that fresh air hit me like a wall and immediately welcomed me to the first leg of our Texas tour; I was ready. Saturday morning we set up our merch tent and prepared for a long day of racing. The pits quickly filled with motor homes, trailers, and excited riders with their families. We couldn't wait to meet these dedicated people: the ones who keep our sport going. I watched as bikes were unloaded and finishing touches were made. These are more than just families, they are teams full of support, motivation, and pride no matter the outcome. Not only did I notice each individual family, I also noticed one really big family and it included every person at that race. No matter who won or who crashed in a turn, there was obvious support from everyone. Throughout the weekend I met many of these "family members" and they all blew me away. Some were out due to injury, some had good motos, some had bad motos, some even had their very first moto. No matter who was at our tent, we felt inspired. I couldn't think of a better way to start our Texas tour, so here's a BIG "thank you" to Cycle Ranch and the people we met there. Y'all got us looking forward to the next month!

    Check out the post below for the details on our next stop at Rio Bravo MX in Houston!

    MARCH 29 - 6PM
    Kaity Butterfield

    The perks of sleeping at the track - a fresh cup of joe when I roll out of my bunk, breakfast tacos from vendor row, and getting to catch the sunrise in the beautiful state of Texas. Motorhome life doesn't get any better than that. (Remind me that I said that three weeks from now.)

    While Crane and I have been running around the track grabbing photos and video, Kaity has been holding it down at our t-shirt booth and we’ve made a few friends along the way. Keep coming by to say hi, grab some vurb stickers, and get a t-shirt or two. We’d love to meet as many of you as possible while we are here.

    The day was filled with some great racing, and we love watching the local rippers battle their way to Loretta’s.

    MARCH 28 - 6PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    At the risk of sounding like we're extremely obsessed with food here, I'm going to also dedicate my post to a particular breakfast delicacy, just like Crane did in the previous log.

    If you’re from the North Texas area, the words “Czech Bakery” are probably enough to make your mouth water. The gem sits 0ff 35, just an hour and a half south of Ft. Worth and it is home to some wonderful, wonderful kolaches. This breakfast stop ritual dates all the way back to my childhood and I’ve literally been thinking about it for months. That may sound a little dramatic.. if you’ve never been there.

    Fast forward to another 30 minutes south, when a loud sound from the back of the motor home woke me from my post-breakfast beauty slumber. Not even two hours into our drive and one of our tires blew out.

    Luckily it happened right across the highway from a repair shop. $200 later, we were back on our way. That paired with some rising temperatures and lack of inadequate AC in the motor home wasn’t the best way to start off the trip, but we were treated to some beautiful light on the track when we pulled into Cycle Ranch, and a promise of some great racing for the weekend qualifiers.

    MARCH 27 - 4PM
    Jason Crane

    March 27th marks the start of two very great things.  The first of these things being Taco Bell, yes that Taco Bell, now serves breakfast.  Introducing to the world the Waff-o. [Waffle-Taco]


    Unfortunately we did not get to try this creation this morning as we were on our way to the airport to start off the Vurbmoto Good Times Dirtbikes Tour.  If you're asking yourself, "Good times? Dirtbikes? What's this all about?" And honestly, you've already answered your question.  The #GTDT is a thirteen-stop tour spanning across Texas and onward up into Oklahoma over the next four weeks.  Along the way we will be making A TON of content, from track preview videos, local race galleries, amateur spotlights... you get it.  We'll have more than enough content coming your way for every angle.

    Good Times Dirtbikes Tour Bus

    The purpose of this tour is to give back to the motocross community at the grassroots level.  Anyone who has made it to the professional level of our sport, came from the local level.  We seem to forget this and far too often the media gets caught up in who won what race, who was fastest, who's going to win the championship stories. Well now it's time for the true champions of our sport to shine. We want to meet, greet and get to know as many people along the way as we possibly can. Not only do we want to get to know people along the way, but we really want to pass the spotlight a bit.  So many families sacrifice their whole year for one race that for some reason or another, they may not even make it to. This is the chance to ensure that whether or not you win a national title this year, you still get to show the world what you love to do... and that's ride dirtbikes. 

    There are plenty of ways to keep up with all of the #GTDT action.  Chelsea Stratso, along with myself, and vurb's newest helping hand, Kaity Butterfield, will be posting updates on the tour page which you can find here:  On this page you'll not only see our live updates, but any content we've produced as well.   Our first stop along the tour will be Cycle Ranch for the South Central Loretta Lynn's Area Qualifier and from what we're hearing, it should be a packed house.  

    That's all I have for now.  Stay tuned for tons of awesome content throughout the next month and "If you're ever down in Texas, look us up."