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    Updates From The Road

    OCTOBER 22 - 12PM
    Jimmy McCooe

    After a much needed night of sleep and some Trailer Park Boys, I can get my thoughts together and reflect on the tour as a whole. Let me start by saying there is not one track that we went to on this trip that didn't leave us with good memories. For the last entry I'd like to share some of the best memories of the trip for me. 

    The second to last stop of the GTDT was the Vurb Classic at MX207. Aside from the fresh ass track that Danny Stu and his family had prepared and all the awesome racing, the real memories were made doing other hood rat things with my friends. I ate some of the best seafood I've ever had, played some intense games of pool at a local bar, and even took a canoe out on an amazingly scenic lake. Shirk and I couldn't believe how sick Danny's cabin was. It gave us an opportunity to drown out all other noises, look away from computer screens, and realize that owning a lake house in the future was obligatory.

    We made another stop up in Massachusetts to film Marshall and the JBR crew which was reckless as well. The boys were out sending it off huge hits in the sand pit which was so dope to film. Wes got some crazy shots, we had some good BBQ, shot some guns, and drank some beers around the fire (to say the least). The whole stop up in the New England area was so much fun and I cannot wait to go back. 

    Since we were heading down to Muddy Creek for the Top Gun Showdown, we were able to make an unexpected stop at my house again for a quick trip into NYC. We got into Manhattan when the sun went down to be greeted by the flashing lights and jumbotrons of Times Square. Wes ended up getting us these crazy tickets to experience the Empire State Building to the fullest, and although I've been in the city plenty of times, witnessing the city from a quarter-mile up was insane.  

    Now that the tour is over, it's great to be home but I'm also going to miss traveling around so much. I can't thank Wes, and his mom Leslie enough for taking care of me and providing an opportunity to be a part of vurbmoto. I also would like to thank Shirky for inviting me on this trip considering I would still be at home in PA if it wasn't for him. Also, I had a great time meeting Ashton and having a blast when it was the trio in the beginning. I wish it could have continued. Get better soon man! It was also great to see some old buds I hadn't seen in a while, and meet a bunch of new friends on the trip (there are too many to name). In conclusion, the third leg of the GTDT was a success, everyone had a great time, and hopefully I can be part of another one! Keep rippin'!

    OCTOBER 18 - 10AM
    Eric Shirk

    Well, this is it boys and girls. The Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour has finally reached its final destination of Muddy Creek for the Top Gun Showdown. This being said, don't fret! We're still just as pumped on dirtbikes as we were when the tour first set sail. So feel free to stop in at the booth, grab some vurbmoto gear, and hangout with us!

    OCTOBER 17 - 11AM
    Wes Williams

    I literally can’t get over how good the bacon and eggs were that Jimbo’s mom just cooked us; I feel like I’m in the deep Georgia south because of the hospitality at the McCooe  residience.  Oh wait, let’s backtrack.  Why’s Wes writing a blog for the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour now?  Because I’m on ittttt!  Booya.

    I was originally planning on doing most of the trip with the boys, but due to our massive never-ending workload, my time and effort was needed elsewhere.  After watching the first few episodes of the #GTDT series though, I wanted to be in the cramped, crowded, and now-leaking Mighty Whitey motorhome touring the eastern seaboard with my vurb homies, so I knew it was a must to make it happen… even if it was for just a short stint.

    The East Coast in the fall... It's a sight to see!

    I was then faced with a big decision; post Vurb Classic MX207, would I head to Monster Cup or roadtrip and #GTDT it to Muddy Creek with Shirk and Jimmy? For those of you that know me, you’re likely surprised I chose the latter, but the JBR boys offered to throw down for us at Crow Hill and the thought of heading to the Crik’ for the Top Gun Showdown was persuasive enough to keep me on this side of the country.  Plus, my girl Aubrey decided to “postpone life” for an extra week and come “tour” it up with us.  I’m not quite sure if she’s regretting or thankful for her decision at this point, as she hasn’t ever lived the motorhome life - much less with three other smelly dudebros.

    @thesottiekid getting all kinds of nasty for us in Mass.

    Even though Mother Nature wasn’t extremely kind to us, the shoot with the Jones Bros was epic as always.  We had a great time shredding and hanging with the crew, and after Robby Marshall cooked us up a mad dinner Wednesday night it was time to hit the road south.  We originally intended on shooting Thursday as well, but as Hurricane Jonesy was heading to the northeast with 1000% chance of precipitation we decided to head to Jimbo’s so we could do an afternoon in NYC!  Yes, straight tourist status.

    So that brings us to current time – with 540 miles left, we’re leaving this morning with a final destination Bloutville, Tennessee for the 400th running of the Muddy Creek Top Gun Showdown.  The Gammon family always treats us with that southern grace and we’re excited for yet another amazing weekend to finish out the third and final Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour this year.

    Selfies in New York City with @aubs623 and @vurbwes... but we couldn't resist.

    OCTOBER 13 - 2PM
    Eric Shirk

    Prior to writing this, I’d been sitting on a set of bleachers overlooking MX 207 for almost two hours, in silence. I’m not quite sure if it's the sound of wind through leaves, the fall foliage, or the calming atmosphere of the vacant track after our next to last weekend of incredibly hectic events, but something has led me to reflecting on our entire trip. In the past two hours of reflection, I think I’ve realized more about road trips than I have in my entire life.

    For anyone that’s done an extensive amount of traveling, you know that during trips you almost never have time to truly reflect on what’s going on around you. I mean sure, in theory we’ve had stops during this trip, and on paper it would look as though our journey has been broken into sections, but in all honesty tour life is nothing of the sort. In retrospect, it’s difficult to remember any single thing that I’ve done or encountered over the past month and a half. Every person that I’ve met, every place that I’ve been, and every experience that I’ve crossed off my list of to-do’s, has all blended together to leave me with one excruciatingly discombobulated memory. No order of events, just one whole concept that could only be explained by its title — Good Times and Dirtbikes.


    Throughout this trip we’ve broken motorhomes, bones, and most recently a canopy (sorry dudes). However, I think we’ve built a whole lot more than we’ve broken. In my mind that’s sort of what this trip's all about. Sure, the GTDT was a job, and putting out great content to give kids a reason to smile is the entire reason we do it. However, for me personally it’s been amazing for a whole other reason as well.

    When you stick three dudes in a motorhome together for almost two months, there’s a whole lot of bonding that's gonna go down — like it or not. I never really thought about how much closer you become with your homies when you’re on one of these trips until the other day when Jimmy was telling me how it wasn’t the same without Ashton here. Jimmy didn’t even know Ashton before this trip, and in a few short weeks I was able to witness two strangers become close friends incredibly fast. I think road trips do this to people though. It’s almost like a fast track to learning a person’s true character. Also, if you’ve already known the person for quite some time, it’s good a good time to catch up and take a few minutes to talk about stuff that you might have never had the chance to otherwise. That’s basically the reason I picked Jimmy to come on this trip with me. I’d known him since I was a kid, but after living down south for five years we had both changed quite a bit. Honestly, had he turned down my offer, I would be a completely different person than I am at this very moment. Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about literally every topic imaginable, many of which, I don’t think I would have ever talked about with anyone had he not been here. 

    What’s the point of this story? Basically, in these past few weeks I didn’t gain close friends. I’ve gained family. Ashton, Jimmy, and myself have been through one blurry, miscalculated, mess of a month and a half together, but after it’s all over, these two people are the only ones that will remember this trip like I do. Through broken motorhomes, hospital trips, and even the flu (which Jimmy and I both currently have), we’ve shared every bit of each memory — together. This in fact, after a lot of reflection and time spent sitting in silence, is what GTDT life means to me. Three people, two months, one memory, and a whole lot of dirtbikes — and I wouldn’t change a damn thing.

    OCTOBER 10 - 9AM
    MX 207
    Eric Shirk

    Hey there fellow dirtscoot' enthusiasts! As Drake and Soulja Boy would say, "We made it!" Mighty Whitey, as well as all of us here in the #GTDT crew, have finally arrived at our last Northeast destination: MX 207. Let me just say, this was quite the finale for our last Northeast stop. I mean just look at the picture below, and let that do the talking. This place is incredible. This being said, we'd better see all of your smiling faces out here this weekend for the Alias MX Vurb Classic at MX 207!

    OCTOBER 6 - 3PM
    Jimmy McCooe

    Thursday afternoon at Raceway Park, after quite some time, I glanced to the front gates to see that they were finally letting vendors into the track. This was quite the relief, since we were waiting across the street with nearly fifty other RVs for hours. It was now that Shirk and I realized we had the entire day to spare since we had arrived early. Well, every once in a while you need to drop a log into the pool, so I skateboarded down to the nearest porta-potty. To my surprise, I spotted an abandoned mini ramp nearly fifty yards away from me. I remember saying to myself, "Wtf?" I have no idea why this thing was behind a building at a motocross track, but I sure had some fun rolling around for a little while. This was kind of random I know, but anyway, at the gate we were greeted by Rich Trevelise and his son. Rich was a familiar face being that I had known him from announcing at Raceway Park since I was a kid. He was ecstatic that we were there, and it definitely gave us a good feeling, too. I mean, I remember walking around the pits there looking around at the vendors and thinking, "Wow, this is awesome they’re here!" As I asked Rich what he thought the turn out would be, he responded with “Well, last year we had four vendors, and this year we have 37". Now, if you've ever been to Raceway, you might be thinking, “How the hell are all these people going to fit in here?” We weren't sure, but I was sure that we needed to get settled in if it was going to be a full house. 

    At the end of the day, I walked the finish line section and talked to some old racing friends that I haven’t seen in years. It really brought back nostalgic memories of coming to Raceway when I was younger. At this point, I knew it was going to be an awesome weekend, which it indeed was. The next three days consisted of big whips, mud, and great racing. It was a blast. And although we thoroughly enjoyed our time in New Jersey, we were looking forward to getting on the road. Being that it was our first stop with just Shirk and I, we were exhausted. By the way, we miss our buddy Ashton… “</3”. Once again, we wish you a speedy recovery dude. Don't fill up on Hi-chews too often. 

    Lounging here on the couch inside the living room of my home, I’m taking a glance at the GTDT motorhome outside of the front window. It is covered in dust, the floor mats are dirty, and the entire thing needs some TLC to say the least. The Kawasaki Race of Champions really did a number on us since we got nearly two inches of rain Saturday morning. We had not expected such a mess, but Shirky and I will be sure to get Mighty Whitey all cleaned up for Maine this weekend. We have a bunch of work ahead of us, but we’re looking forward to the Vurb Classic at MX 207. See y'all there!

    OCTOBER 2 - 9AM
    Eric Shirk

    Currently everyone on the GTDT, including myself, are anxiously waiting to get parked along vendors row here at the annual Kawasaki Race of Champions hosted by Raceway Park. However, as I sit here inside of the motorhome (or “Mighty Whitey” as we at vurbmoto like to call it) allow me to reflect on the past few days of the tour.

    As we departed from an undoubtedly savage weekend at Crow Hill MX, it seemed as though we were wide open with no direction. Being that our ride day at Blue Diamond MX was scheduled for Wednesday — we had two days to do, well, we weren’t quite sure. Regardless, we knew that it was time to head toward somewhere in that general direction, so we just sent it. I mean sometimes it’s healthy to send it down the road with no destination. It always seems to work out better in the long run, because anything that seems to happen is spontaneous and exciting. This time was no different. About an hour down the road, we realized that we would pass directly by Jimmy’s parents house. I know, we should’ve known this already, but what’s pre-planning? Luckily, Jimmy’s family was hospitable enough to house three road warriors for a few days and give us an incredibly homely base camp.

    After two days of work, mixed in with some home cooked meals and relaxation, it was time to get back to the old grind. Personally, I was incredibly excited as we headed to Blue Diamond MX for our ride day. Growing up in Pennsylvania, I had always seen videos and heard stories of the incredible facility Allen (the track owner) has created there. However, for some unknown reason I’ve never made my way to this particular track, so it was definitely cool to finally get the chance to see it first hand. Needless to say, I was impressed the second I opened the door of the motorhome shortly after parking. The jumps are huge, the dirt is an incredible mix of sand and top soil, and the whole facility looks like something out of a video game with its picket white fence and vibrant green grass bordering the track. All things considered, including the cloud covered sky that would not seem to let up, I managed to grab some of the dopest shots I’ve ever taken. Overall, I had an incredibly rad time shooting photos at Blue Diamond MX and I can’t wait to get back there as soon as possible. Big thanks to Allen and the whole crew for getting the track in pristine condition for us on such short notice!

    Oh wow, I almost forgot to mention that we’re one man down here on the GTDT as of today. That’s right, it pains me to say it, but Ashton will no longer be joining us on the last two weeks of the tour. The kid was a trooper to say the least and wanted to stay more than anything, but we finally had to convince him that walking around on his broken foot all day was not a healthy choice. As much as we tend to forget sometimes, our health is in fact more important than filming dirtbikes. Well actually, a finger or two for the right shot is probably worth it, but walking around on one leg all day would be pretty hard in the long run so we understand. All jokes aside though, everyone here at vurbmoto wishes you a fast and full recovery Ashton. Take care of yourself and we can’t wait to get back to work with you ASAP. You killed it!

    OCTOBER 1 - 11AM
    Eric Shirk

    It's the GTDT crew again, only this time we're out here at Blue Diamond MX in New Castle, Delaware for one of our incredibly fun ride days. Practice is from 12pm to 6pm, so hurry up and come on down so you don't miss out on a great time ripping your motorcycle!

    SEPTEMBER 29 - 1PM
    Eric Shirk

    I’ve come to think that this motorhome is a living creature. By the end of the trip I’m fairly sure that Ashton, Jimmy, and I will be presented a certification in motorhome repair — or at the very least I won’t need to use the manual anymore. 

    As we packed our belongings in preparation to leave my home in Pennsylvania and head to the great state of Massachusetts, we noticed Poppa Shirk under the motorhome with a hardware store’s worth of tools. Before we could even lend a hand, my pops had fixed the broken door, the generator, and the steps which had magically become bent during our travels. Well we thought they were all fixed at least, but the motorhome has had different plans for us the entire trip. So why change now? Within an hour of driving the door had bent itself back in, and the generator decided it didn’t want to run again. Needless to say, people living in the wealthy areas of Massachusetts were extremely pumped to listen to the chainsaw screams of our backup generator as we passed through their towns. Honestly though, a little carbon-monoxide never hurt anybody. Toughen up, y'all.

    With a few clicks, a few clanks, and a couple screeching sounds that were most definitely not the hitch dragging — we were in Massachusetts. More importantly though, we were at Robby Marshall’s incredible facility, also known as Crow Hill Raceway. As we pulled up to the gate the guard informed us that we’d missed the entrance time and would have to sleep outside. However, he quickly reminded us where we were by offering us a warm fire to sit by and a beer. Well, actually a “Beeah” and a “Fiya”, but it’s all the same.

    The short amount of sleep we’d acquired quickly came to a close and it was time to begin work at the JDay Offroad event here at Crow Hill. It wasn’t long before we were pulled out of our early morning daze with an overly excited “What’s up boys!” as Robby Marshall joined us for breakfast at the track restaurant, “The Crow’s Kitchen”. Enough about us though, let’s get into the race talk. Honestly, I’ve never been to a J Day Event, and damn was I missing out. These events are insane. If you ever decide to line it up at one of these races, you're in for a good time. The course consists of motocross, woods, and an extreme section that forces rippas to send it over tires, logs, rocks, pipes and anything else the JDay crew can get their hands on. Oh yeah, and the format is two 30 minute motos. Basically it’s an all out brawl to see who’s the most badass dirtbike rider at any given moment. Also, in addition to the pure gnarliness of the actual event, the fans are unlike any other. As I walked through the woods section of the course, hundreds of faces were peaking through the limbs as screams echoed through the trees in support of the JDay competitors. It was a sight unlike any other. 

    All in all the past few days, and the trip as a whole, have been unpredictable, yet amazing at the same time. Big thanks to Robby Marshall and every “Jones Bro” involved in putting on such an incredible event at Crow Hill Raceway, and we hope to see all of you again soon. Now it’s time to make our way to Blue Diamond MX in Delaware, the state of Liberty and Independence, for another GTDT ride day this wednesday! Hope to see y’all there!

    SEPTEMBER 25 - 5PM
    Jimmy McCooe

    As we reached the end of our eight hour journey from South of the Border to Pennsylvania, we decided that we needed to stretch out our legs and do some good old skateboarding. When we arrived in Selinsgrove, Pa around 7 p.m. it was the first time I had felt the cold air in nearly a year. We were so excited to throw on a hoody and cruise around the outdoor park under the lights. Nearly 10 minutes in, Ashton was doing a rock to fakie on a quarter pipe as I watched the board come down and run right into his ankle. Man, we really did not plan on going to the hospital for the second time on this trip already. It turns out that he sprained his ankle severely and messed up some tendons, so they put him in a boot and we headed back to Shirky's house for some much needed shut-eye. With no time to prepare for the ride day the next day, we decided to take care of business in the morning.

    The next morning we ate some quick grub and prepared to embark on the next stop of the tour — Miles Mountain Mx. Miles was one of my favorite tracks to ride growing up. Big hills, dark soil, and scrub-worthy jumps are just some of the features of the track layout. The place is pretty much awesome. Plus, the trip there is one of the most scenic drives I have ever been on. Once we got set up, people were coming to the Vurb tent all day. I was super busy selling a bunch of shirts, meeting new friends, conversing with old homies, and just having a great time. The boys were killing it with the photos and getting plenty of clips as well. Everyone was so pumped to see Vurb there, I mean, that was the most enthused I had seen a group of riders on the trip thus far. 

    Just when I thought the day couldn't get better, my buddies Chris Makuta and Andrew Mikolaichik offered me gear and a bike to ride at the end of the day. Say no more, I rushed to get everything cleaned up and to get geared up. Shirky's parents had brought his bike up so we spun some laps together and it was a blast. Even though my fingers started to lock up due to extreme arm pump, I was having too much fun to stop. Then we headed over to the freestyle set-up next to the track, which is super legit. The boys were launching the ramps and throwing some big whipper-tails for the camera. Although I was being peer pressured to hit the big ramp over and over, I figured hitting this thing isn't worth a third trip to the hospital in the past two weeks. Over all, we were blessed with such a sick day thanks to everyone who showed up and helped us out. The track owner Phil and his employees did a great job. I sure hope we can make another stop at Miles in the future.

    With a day open in our schedule, we decided to call up Duane Fisher who is the owner of Evansville Mx. They were having a night practice on Wednesday and he was pumped on the idea of us coming through. Evansville is another place that Shirk and I used to ride at a whole lot in the past, so it was great to see a lot of old faces and how everyone was doing. For a weeknight, the turn out wasn't too bad. A swarm of little kids kept coming up to the motorhome asking, "Can you take my picture?" A lot of them didn't know what vurbmoto was, so we helped them out by handing out some stickers and giving them a preview of Meta. Even the quad guys were pretty interested in the action, buying vurb shirts and all. It's cool to see those who don't know much about amateur motocross make an appearance and show some love. In conclusion, our days in Pennsylvania were very well spent. The next stop of the tour is the JDay at Crow Hill in Massachusetts, and I can't wait. See you guys there!

    SEPTEMBER 25 - 1PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    I guess you could consider me a Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour OG. I was on the entire five weeks of the first roadtrip, which spanned across my home state of Texas before heading into Oklahoma, and I hopped on the second half of the following roadtrip, which took me to the likes of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. It was in Pennsylvania where we met up with our newest recruit Eric Shirk, who I think is doing a fine job of filling my shoes for this round of Vurb ride days. I’m holding down the fort in Southern California, but I have to admit I do miss meeting all the smiling faces at the track, which was my favorite part of the roadtrips. To make up for it, I’ve been regularly checking out the #GTDT feed to see how everything has been going and I wanted to feature some of my favorite shots. When you think about it, it’s really amazing that I can keep up with everything from the other side of the country. So keep on taggin’ your grams, I’m enjoying them! 

    "Had a super fun time at the #gtdt stop 2 with @vurbmoto. Great time with huge jumps"

    "#gtdt @vurbmoto ride day out at @scrubndirt#djiphantom"

    "Headed solo 2 hours away to the @vurbmoto #gtdt at #milesmountainmx Listening to @dmxs_radio in the way #motolife #myfriendsarelame"

    "@fowler392 throwing down on the ramps #gtdt"

    "Such a sick day yesterday for #GTDT @milesmx"

    "#emojilife #GTDT #teamsparkles"

    SEPTEMBER 24 - 4PM
    Eric Shirk

    Rippers young and old, this is a public service announcement from the GTDT boys. We are out here at Evansville Supercross in Berwick, Pennsylvania for yet again another GTDT ride day! The supercross track looks to be in prime condition, so you better come on out and rip it up if your into amazing dirt bike adventures. See ya'll soon for a great night under the lights!

    SEPTEMBER 23 - 1PM
    Eric Shirk

    What's up dudes and dudettes? It's the GTDT crew reporting from the beautiful mountains of Elkland, Pennsylvania. Why are we in Elkland you say? Well, the answer is simple - Miles Mountain. That's right, we're out here at Miles Mountain MX for another GTDT ride day! The track is incredible and the weather is beautiful so come on out and tear it up!

    SEPTEMBER 22 - 1PM
    Eric Shirk

    Long time no talk fellow dirt bike enthusiasts! As we try our best to avoid speeding citations on our way to Pennsylvania, (which I’ve come to find out is easier said than done when your gas pedal foot is influenced by a 90’s NOFX soundtrack) let me explain how gnarly the past few days were for the entire GTDT team. 

    Thursday was a fun filled day of dirt n’ scrubs at, well… scrub n’ dirt. I know, I’m quite creative. Honestly, I had never been to the Scrub N’ Dirt facility before Thursday so I was fairly nervous about how our content would turn out. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see a facility packed to full capacity with fresh bikes and smiling faces. This is where I’d normally have an incredibly interesting story to tell about how our day didn’t go exactly as planned, but why lie? Everything went perfectly. We sold mad product, were treated with an amazing amount of hospitality, and got some of the most creative footage we’ve shot on the trip thus far. All in all, Scrub N’ Dirt was good times with great people. ‘Nuff Said. 

    However, as we gathered our belongings and headed on the road toward South of the Border, I quickly realized that it was time for the sh*ttiest job of the trip thus far — literally. The smelliest of all smells began to slither its way from our bathroom and made its way to the cab of the motorhome, at which time I’m fairly sure my eyes began melting inside their sockets. A quick stop at the nearest Flying J and a few rounds of rock-paper-scissors later, and we were emptying our septic tank for the first time this trip. Maybe it was revenge or maybe it was an accident, but either way as Jimmy was emptying the tank the hose somehow made its way in Ashton’s direction and sprayed a good amount of week old excretion, only missing him by a few inches. Why did we not have the camera out at this point? I’ll never know, but you can bet your bottom dollar we won’t be missing a moment like that anymore on this trip.

    After all of that crap, (get it?) we drove for a few more hours and arrived at our destination of South of the Border. I’m not sure if it’s the hospitality, the rad personalities, or the picture perfect track, but anytime we get to film at SOB it’s always a good time. Friday was supposed to be our day off, but all of us here at vurbmoto are workaholics (at least we like to think so). This led us to shooting the sickest collection of motocross memorabilia that I’ve every had the pleasure of witnessing. I don’t wanna give away too much information because you’ll see it in the content I’m working on, but let’s just say that there weren’t too many legendary names left out of this collection. Saturday and Sunday followed suit as great times as well. With our third GTDT ride day on Saturday and the South Carolina State Championship on Sunday, we prepared ourselves for an amazing weekend. Luckily for us Pedro did not disappoint, because these two blap-filled days left us with some good memories and super awesome content. 

    As we head to Miles Mountain MX in Elkland, Pennsylvania for the fourth ride day of the tour, we would like to thank Scrub N’ Dirt and South of the Border for all of their hospitality. Thanks for everything guys and we’ll see you soon. For everyone else, we’ve got the motorhome wide open so we’ll see you at Miles Mountain tomorrow!

    SEPTEMBER 18 - 11AM
    Eric Shirk

    What's up boys and girls? The #GTDT has successfully arrived at its second ride day at Scrub N' Dirt MX. Everyone knows our ride days are dope. I mean how could they not be? Good tracks, rad people, and media coverage by yours truly - vurbmoto. So make your way on out to Scrub N' Dirt MX in Monroe, Georgia if you're into having great times on a motorized dirt scooter! 

    SEPTEMBER 17 - 12PM
    Jimmy McCooe

    As my first weekend working in the motocross industry came to a close, let me reflect on how it went. The second round of the Vurb Classic at Silver Dollar MX, which also served as the first stop on the roadtrip, was quite eventful. After we set up the entire course with track markers and banners, it was my time to learn how to sell some Vurb merchandise. With nearly 600 entries, the place was crowded and people were coming to the Vurb tent all day long. I had never worked as a salesperson before - just construction work. I didn't know how it would go, but thankfully Wes' (Williams) mom, Leslie, was patient in helping me and showing me the ropes. All in all we ended up selling a whole sh*t load of stuff! Vurb Classic shirts, copies of Meta, hats, and everything else was flying off the shelves (well, tables). Thanks to everyone who came by and invested in Vurb.

    When Monday came, there was wads of clean up to be done. Danny Stuart and I were rolling up a banner when instantly he shouts, "Ahhh, get outta here!" He ended up getting attacked by red ants and having a gnarly allergic reaction. As Danny's entire body flushed with redness and his chest tightened, we had no choice but to drive him to the closest medical center. After a long wait and three shots of steroids, we finally made it back to finish up. Once all of the chaos was over and the cleaning was finished, the rest of the afternoon ended up being pretty rad. When we were on our way to Matt Walker's compound we stopped by a drainage ditch to do some skateboarding, and that was super fun. A few little kids in the area were really digging our style.

    The first stop on our own at Matt "The Stalker" Walker's Moto X Compound ended up being a great time. The kids that were training there were super cool and Michael Hartsenveld hooked us up with a shower and a ride for some supper the night before. Setting up was a breeze and I would say that everything went smoothly through out the day. The boys got a bunch of clips and photos, and I sold a decent amount of goods for the turnout. Luckily, Ashton lives an hour from the track, which was a perfect place to do some laundry and get some sleep. With everything on track, we headed out for a bite to eat near Ashton's last night. The only thing that was missing… Shirk's wallet. We searched for hours in and out of the motorhome. Come to find out, Michael ended up finding it back at the compound in his truck. How or when we're going to get it? We're still trying to figure it out. However, the next stop is Leslie's house tonight to re-up on more shirts and for some food shopping. See you guys at the track!

    SEPTEMBER 16 - 1PM
    Eric Shirk

    Ahoy mateys! Hope everyones ready for some good times and dirtbikes, because the GTDT tour has officially dropped anchor at it’s first destination — the Moto X Compound. We’ve only been here for a few hours, and already this place is filling up quicker than a clogged drain. The only issue is that it costs so much to ride here… oh wait. It’s free. That’s right boys and girls. Today’s ride day at Matt Walker’s prestigious Moto X Compound is Free.99 for each and every one of you rippas! So make your way out here for photos, video,  and some guaranteed good times on your dirtbike. You won’t regret it!

    SEPTEMBER 12 - 12PM
    Eric Shirk

    And so it begins. The third leg of the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour has set sail on its concourse across the East Coast. As I boarded my flight on Tuesday, anticipation of what exactly was to come of our travels spun through my brain. Rad photos, dope videos, motorhome breakdowns, and travel miscalculations were, and still are, of high probability throughout our trip. However, my thoughts quickly subsided as my homie and travel companion Jimmy McCooe turned to me and said, “This trip's about too dope dude!” Jimmy was spot on, and quickly made me remember that the Good Times and Dirtbikes tour was created with just that in mind. No worries. Just Good Vibes.


    Soon after we landed we met up with the smiling face of vurbmoto himself: Wes Williams. After a few knuckle bumps and “Whatup homies!” we were on our way to the first stop of our trip — the DMXS radio show. For those of you who don’t know, the DMXS radio show is the dopest of dope, and my first live viewing definitely did not disappoint. Throughout the next hour or so Wes joined Kevin Kelly and David Izer to chop it up with a few top names including Broc Tickle, while Brandon Keller hopped on the soundboards to make it all sound crisper than a bag of Lays. Once Wes, Kevin, and David had finished a bit of banter about Brocs' “manscaping” habits, we made our way to the home of Momma Williams; AKA Leslie, to rest our heads after the long day of jet-setting. That’s right, we’re rockstars, we jet-set. (Ballin is a hobby here at vurb in case you didn’t know.)

    I awoke to the sound of breakfast being prepared, and the motorhome being packed with more t-shirts than a Hanes factory. With no time to spare, we loaded up and made our way to Silver Dollar Raceway for the first stop of our trip — The Alias MX Vurb Classic. As we arrived, parked, and stepped out of the motorhome, we met up with another long time homie and tourmate Ashton Hammil. There was no time for Hey, Hi, Yo, or even a friendly what up though. We had duties to do — time to set up track markers and banners, and we were coming out in full force. The good news is that Georgia isn’t very humid, and doesn’t come fully equipped with 10,000 gnats per square foot (sense the sarcasm?). However, I’ve been working quite a bit of construction with my dad lately so I’m no stranger to hard work, and neither is anyone else here at Vurb. After about two hours, a lot of sweat, and a few smashed fingers, all of the track markers were in and the banners were hung as we watched the sun set on one of the most pristine motocross facilities in the Southeast. It was picture perfect, but needless to say I was more than happy to put down the hammer and pick up the camera once again.

    Overall, I’m happy to say that our first few days of the trip could be described as super duper radtastical (yes, that’s a hashtag I’ll be using on Instagram at some point). Between flights, radio shows, motorhome preparation, and track beautifying, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have changed a thing thus far. Fitting all of these rad events into three days seems almost impossible, but we did it, so with over a month left in the trip I can’t wait to see what the rest of our Journey brings us!

    SEPTEMBER 10 - 2PM
    Chelsea Stratso

    East Coast Rippers, the Good Times Dirtbikes Tour is headed your way!

    You’ve seen good ol' Mighty Whitey in Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.. now, from Georgia all the way to Maine, the third leg of the Good Times and Dirtbikes Tour is coming to a local track near you!! 

    In what will be our biggest, baddest tour yet, the crew will be starting at the Georgia classic this weekend, and then spend the next month holding ride days on the East Coast en route to the final round of the Classic at MX 207 in Lyman, Maine. The tour will wrap up the following weekend at the Top Gun Showdown at Muddy Creek on October 17-19. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover with the hopes of giving everyone.

    What is the Tour?
    The tour is essentially your chance to make it on vurbmoto. We're hitting up local tracks in an unprecedented fashion, gathering content for galleries, videos, blogs, and interviews. Simply show up, have fun, and get the exposure you deserve!

    Come by the merch tent to meet the vurb crew, and to check out our apparel line and pick up your copy of META, our bi-annual print collection that you’ve been hearing about.

    Keep an eye out on the roadtrip page for all the content to come out of the tour, the dates, and official times/prices for events which will be added soon. Remember to tag your Instagrams with #GTDT to be part of the feed on the tour page!

    Mark your calendars
    The schedule is almost complete, and weekday ride days will be announced as they are confirmed.

    Silver Dollar Raceway
    September 12-14
    Second round the 2014 Vurb Classic Presented by Alias

    Moto X Compound
    September 16
    Give it Back Ride Day
    9am - 5pm

    September 18
    Vurb Ride Day

    South of the Border
    September 20 
    Vurb Ride Day

    South of the Border
    September 21
    SC State Championship

    Miles Mountain
    September 23
    Vurb Ride Day

    Crow Hill Motocross
    September 28
    J Day Offroad

    Englishtown Raceway
    October 03-05
    Kawasaki Race of Champions

    MX 207
    October 10-12
    Third round the 2014 Vurb Classic Presented by Alias

    Muddy Creek Raceway
    October 17-19
    Top Gun Showdown

    See you at the track!