All New LE Gear from SHIFT


IRVINE, CA – January 5th, 2017

SHIFT is proud to announce the global release of their all new 3LUE Label jersey and pant, to be debuted on January 7th at Anaheim Stadium by Multi time 450 OD champion, 250 SX Champion, and MX2 World Champion 
Ken Roczen.

The all new 3LUE Label radically pushes the boundaries of performance and comfort while emerging as the world's most advanced racewear. Four years of development and testing have culminated in unmatched benefits across weight, fit, durability and moisture management.


"The collaboration working with SHIFT to launch the new 3LUE Label has been truly exciting,” says Roczen.“There’s a really great cultural element to the brand that we’ve merged into a super-high performance jersey and pant that are truly next level products.” 

The 3LUE Label is being produced in extremely limited quantities (300 kits globally) and will be exclusively available at qualifying SHIFT retailers.

For more information on SHIFT, Roczen and the 3LUE Label collection visit www.shiftmx.com, and make sure to follow @shiftmx and @motoxlab on Instagram.


The Moto X LAB, as an idea engine, is meant to serve both the FOX and SHIFT brands, the ideas that are spawned in the LAB do not have boundaries.

FOX is the global leader in MX & MTB performance products. The brand pushes the market through innovation, design, and commitment to being the best. LAB is the engine that drives performance innovation by continually resetting the bar through the execution of big ideas. 

SHIFT is a creative cultural grenade that leads by taking risks. The brand speaks to individualism and creative culture. LAB is the catalyst for pushing creative culture within moto by driving new expressions within the sport.

Moto X Lab

Moto X LAB is the 
“idea engine” for new products and ideas.

LAB is the creative engine that innovation across both performance and cultural spectrums, marrying the two through big ideas that link products, athletes, and culture with fresh perspectives.

Coin Nature

Ken Roczen is the first LAB athlete...

Meaning he will bring all new LAB products to market after testing and developing the products with our team. Ken will be debuting and wearing the SHIFT 3LUE Label gear for the 2017 season (along with FOX V3 helmet and instinct boots). He will bring new LAB products to market across both brands as they are developed.



We are the brand for the bold and fearless, the armor for the purist. We are the fastest. We go the biggest. We have the most fun. We stay true to our ideals. We believe it matters how you make it, that style and authenticity define our individualism. We race, and we ride. Alone, with friends, or with others like us. On the track, in the hills, and anywhere.

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Andrew Campo