Ready-to-Ride Hardcore Wheelset


Pro Wheel's ready-to-ride Hardcore Wheelset is an industry first.  The Pro-Wheel Hardcore Wheel Set comes complete with all the necessary components to be the industry’s first  wheel set that's truly "ready to ride". Tires, tubes, rim locks, brake rotors, and sprocket; plus all the mounting hardware is included. So all you have to do, is slide the axles through, and your ready to rock & roll.

All components are interchangeable with OEM products including bearings. Keep in mind that all the individual components are available for sale by themselves as well.  The retail price for this complete, ready to go set is an unheard-of $895. Pro Wheel also offers a Hardcore Wheelset for the Yamaha YZ 85, Suzuki RM 85, and Honda's CRF150R (standard size & big wheel available) for $795.00 per set.
Why buy a “complete” wheel set & still have to spend hundreds of dollars to make it ready to ride?

You can check out these great wheelsets & more at Pro Wheel's website; they even have a really cool Wheel-Builder App, which allows you to customize your wheel build for a little bit more!

Aran Eversman