Round 2 of AX Tour


Travis Sewell, Heath Harrison, and Daniel Herrlein maintained their momentum, taking podium finishes in all of their motos at Round 2 of the 2016 AX Tour on Saturday night at the Batesville Civic Center in Batesville, MS.

Sewell stated: "I'm looking forward to Memphis and I feel like I'm only getting better!" After an impressive performance at Round 1, he indeed came into Round 2 even better, sweeping all 3 pro classes and establishing himself as undefeated in the Clash for Cash and AX Pro.


When the gate dropped for the Clash, it was Harrison and Jesse Wentland leading out of the first turn, leaving Sewell to work his way up from 4th. Herrlein passed Wentland for 2nd on lap 1, putting the heat on Harrison, who continued to lead for the first half. Several laps in, Wentland and Sewell passed Herrlein to take 2nd and 3rd, leaving all three riders in an exciting battle behind Harrison before Wentland went down in a bar-banging turn. Sewell and Harrison were side-by-side over the finish line jump with Sewell making the pass for first in the next turn. He checked out, holding strong for all 20 laps and taking the checkers followed by Harrison and Herrlein.


In the Lites Pro main, Sewell had the holeshot with Herrlein close in 2nd, followed by Josh Cartwright and Cody Vanbuskirk. This was Cartwright's first race in 8 months, but his training with Ricky Carmichael showed as he held onto third. Jesse Wentland made the pass on Vanburskirk and after a few more laps, he passed Cartwright for third. The checkers waved with Sewell, Herrlein, and Wentland taking the podium.


Sewell grabbed the holeshot in the AX Pro with Harrison right behind and FXR's Alex Ray in third before he was passed by Herrlein. Jesse Wentland worked his way to 4th, closing the gap and putting pressure on Herrlein. On the last lap, Herrlein was relentless, showing Harrison his front tire in the final turn. Harrison was able to hold onto 2nd as he and Herrlein crossed the finish line behind Sewell.




AX Pro Lites              AX Pro                    Clash for Cash


1.  Travis Sewell       1.  Travis Sewell           1.  Travis Sewell


2.  Daniel Herrlein    2.  Heath Harrison         2.  Heath Harrison


3.  Jesse Wentland     3.  Daniel Herrlein       3.  Daniel Herrlein


4.  Josh Cartwright    4.  Jesse Wentland       4. Cody Vanbuskirk


5.  Cody Vanbuskirk 5.  Cody Vanbuskirk    5.  Josh Cartwright


6.  Samuel Redman   6.  Samuel Redman      6.  Samuel Redman


7.  Mathew Weakley 7.  Josh Cartwright       7.  Jesse Wentland


8.  Cody Williams     8.  Alex Ray                 8.  Brice Klippel


9.  Brice Klippel        9. Mathew Weakley    9. Mathew Weakley


10.  Brock Leitner    10.  Andy Daggett       10.  Alex Ray


The next gate drop will be on December 12, 2015 at the Agricenter Showplace Arena in Memphis, TN. Tickets can be purchased in advance online until midnight before the race or at the event the day of.  If you are unable to attend but still want to stay connected to the action, be sure to tune in to the LIVE video broadcast by following the link on the site.

Wes Williams