JAN. 15, 2013 - DAVID BULMER

Editor's Choice: Tuesday Vid


As part of his prize for winning Vurb's #1 Fan competition, we asked Stephen Vertucci to pick his 5 favourite vurbmoto videos of all time (in no particular order), so each day we'll be showing his choices, as well as his reason why...

Vurb Select: 2012 Loretta Lynn's - I had to choose this video because to me it represents my goal as a racer to stand on top on the podium at the end of that week. Whether or not I will ever achieve that goal is unknown to me but I have no intentions of giving it any less than 110% every time I ride in order for me to live that dream. 

(On a side note my dad already has two Loretta's championships so I have some pretty big shoes to fill, but I have until I'm in the 45+ class in order to try and top him)

Vurb Note: You've probably heard this song used in about 100 motocross videos since this was made, for which we can only apologise

David Bulmer