Geeks at 207

If there's two things Danny Stuart is good at, it's living in the North East and filming dirtbikes. Now obviously one doesn't take much skill, you just have to be there... but the second, well he's got it down to a fine art. Here's his blurb from his latest creation - Geeks at 207:

Whats a video with Sottile, Decotis, and Merk?  The answer is Video Gold.  Sottile lays down faster lap times than Dungey and Villopoto, Decotis is Decotis, and Merk kills it on the mic.  This is fairly old footage now, even older than "Trio In Prep".   But that doesn't mean it's not worth watching, unless your a toddler or cuss words make you uncomfortable.  Let that be your warning, there is a swear or two, or a few.  But if you do go on to watch it, take it a step further and show your friends because Sottile should have the spotlight, Jim D is nasty, and everyone should be blastin Merk everyday.

Danny Stuart David Bulmer